Delivering the necessary resources to:

  • Expand harm reduction programs
  • Improve education on prevention & substance use disorders
  • Increase access to addiction treatment

A Success Story

On May 11, 2018, the foundation was notified of a 23 year-old young man that was seeking treatment. He had applied for Ohio Medicaid the day prior but was currently indigent and without health insurance. In addition, he was homeless and required housing. On May 12th, a foundation representative met with this young man and was able to secure him access to an outpatient treatment program starting on Monday, May 14th. In addition, the foundation was able to identify and secure a bed for him at a local homeless shelter. As of June 11, 2018, the young man is successfully enrolled in a local outpatient addiction treatment program and doing well. Since entering treatment, his family has reconnected with him and he continues to rebuild his relationship with them while also rebuilding his life.

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